Piano lessons are currently being taught at the First Christian Church in Cleburne, Texas.  Jeannie Allen is an accomplished piano/keyboard musician and aims to encourage young musicians to grow and excel in their own musical journey as pianists.  Anyone can learn to play piano when you understand the basic rules for reading music symbols and have the determination and commitment to apply yourself through regular practice.

Private Piano lessons are offered also, scheduled on an individual basis.

Regular weekly lessons offer:

Beginning Piano~Learning the basics of reading music (theory) and learning rhythm skills, ear training

Intermediate Piano~ The next level to playing a variety of styles of music in all scales (key signatures) on the piano keyboard. Students learn musical terms, understanding and identifying chords, composition, and ear-training. Piano Improvisation and Performance included: Learning the art of improvising on the written music and making it your own~ Learning to express yourself with your own unique style of music playing.  Creating your own music at the piano can be exhilarating.  This class offers regular opportunities to play in recitals along with other musicians, both fellow students and visiting professional musicians.  Regular programs will also be scheduled as students progress in their skills.  Participation is not required, but encouraged for developing real-life experience in performing.

Piano Performance~ Those students who are interested will get opportunities to actually perform in the community in their churches and retirement communities, etc. The more you play in front of others, the more you gain confidence and learn the joy of sharing your talent and love of music with others. Piano performance students will play sheet music that they learn in class (including extra practice away from class).  They may play their own compositions if they so desire.

Cost:  All classes are $25.00 per month for 30-minute lessons and must be paid at the beginning of each month to reserve space in your class.  An instruction book is available to purchase but is not required.

Private Lessons:  $100 per month (1/2 Hour  lesson each week)  $200 per month (1 Hour Lesson each week)

Make-up Lessons: If you miss a class there is no refund because you pay to reserve your space whether you show up or not. If you miss any classes, you may sit in another (extra) class to makeup any lost class time.  You should be able to catch up on any missed information as the classes include reviewing all previously learned material as more advanced material is added.   Private lessons will be made-up only with teacher approval, as the schedules for lessons are already tight.  No credit is given for missed lessons as you are paying to reserve your space and time on the studio’s schedule.  Please try to be prompt at all lessons.  It is best to arrive 15 minutes early if you  plan to pay for classes in person before the new classes begin at the beginning of the month.   Preplanned vacations, both the students’ (with advance notice) and teacher’s, will not be charged.

Students will be advised when they should move to the Intermediate level classes.  I am very versatile in playing either by ear, transposing, playing in all key signatures, improvising and performing in bands and churches and other avenues. I have had extensive experience playing piano, including all the methods listed herein.  So, after I evaluate the student’s ability,  I will advise what area the student would best fit, based on both the student’s skills and goals for his/her musical plans in the future.

Each student is given lessons to take home and practice, whether they have a class or private lesson.  They are encouraged to learn the habit of continual practice to always improve their skills at the piano.  The more time they spend at the piano playing, practicing their lessons, sight-reading, practicing their rhythms or practicing improvisation skills, they will grow in confidence in other areas of their life as they prove they can achieve real skills at playing music at the piano. As a parent or guardian of your child, please help them to schedule 30 minutes to an hour (at least) every day to practice at the piano and remind them to do it often. Younger children should try to practice at least 15 minutes per day.

Please direct any questions you may have to Jeannie at NewDreamsSound@aol.comPhone 817-790-8831 (Cell: 817-564-1291)

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